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Monday, May 23, 2011

Smartag Solutions, Customs to start trial run of RFID system June 1

KUALA LUMPUR: Smartag Solutions Bhd and the Customs Department will start the trial run of the radio frequency identification (RFID) based security and trade facilitation system on June 1.

The company said on Monday, May 23 the trail run would be held at all the Customs checkpoints nationwide with participants from the logistics and manufacturing sector including Western Digital, TNT, Federal Express Brokerage (Fedex) and Priority Cargo.

It said under the trial, users would use the RFID seal to secure their containers when entering, leaving, and moving within the country.

With the usage of the system, the users will be able to automatically identify the container’s movement electronically via the RFID seal to the RFID readers that are set up by Smartag in the various Customs checkpoints across the country.

Smartag said the system would reduce the congestions at various checkpoints while increasing the department’s efficiency in tracking and clearing the containers.

Its chief executive officer PK Lim said the project reflected the abilities of the Malaysian public and private sector to work together to provide Malaysia the competitive edge as the country moves up the value chain.”

“With this system in place, Smartag is hopeful that the project will be a major contributor to the group revenues starting from next year,” Lim said.

Read it in The Edge

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