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Friday, November 25, 2011

TIME dotCom next focus is Asia Pacific

The company is now ready to go beyond the region equipped with its RM1 billion in assets.

SUBANG JAYA: TIME dotCom Bhd, which already has a strong presence in Southeast Asia, now plans to focus its business in the Asia Pacific market.

Executive director and chief executive officer Afzal Abdul Rahim said the company is now ready to go beyond the region equipped with its RM1 billion in assets.

"We will hit the international market and play with the big boys," Afzal told reporters here after the company's extraordinary general meeting.

TIME dotCom Bhd is the country's second largest fixed line telecommunications network and solutions provider after Telekom Malaysia Bhd.

It is a pioneer in fibre optic telecommunications technology, delivering data and non-data communication services to enterprise, corporate, government, wholesale and retail customers via its fibre optic network traversing Thailand to Singapore.

TIME dotCom had received minority shareholders approval on its RM339 million proposed acquisition of three companies.

Afzal said the group can now pursue its plan to become a regional player with the Asia Pacific market as its main focus.

The three companies are Global Transit Communications Sdn Bhd, which is a leading regional wholesale Internet service and backhaul provider, AIMS Group, a leading "carrier hotel" (a type of data centre) in Malaysia and Global Transit Entities, which hold internet licenses in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Upon completion by the first quarter 2012, the acquisitions will effectively position TIME dotCom into a regional telecommunications player.

This will see TIME dotCom moving up the telecommunications value chain giving it access and the capability to serve a multi-billion dollar market comprising the growing Indo-China, ASEAN and North Asian market where more than half of the world’s population resides and Internet demand is increasing.

TIME provides backhaul and wholesale bandwidth solutions to leading regional and global operators offering a full suite of telecommunication services, ranging from voice and data communications including high-speed broadband, Internet, satellite connectivity and managed services.

TIME was first to market fibre-to-the-home in Malaysia in early 2010.

Its signature product, TIME fibre broadband, now offers Malaysian home Internet users the fastest broadband connectivity in the country with speeds of up to 50Mbps.

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